Bugs everywhere…

I’ve been a Clear user for over a decade. In general, I like the new version a lot. I’ve bought a lot of stuff in the store to support the effort.

That said, the current state of the app is alpha. This is not a beta, much less a release version. There are so many bugs that it is seriously undermining my confidence in the app, the team and the leadership. Trust is extremely important with todo/list apps, and while I haven’t had any data loss, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to motivate myself to use an app that exhibits such a high volume of bugs. It’s hard for me to trust an app with my data, when it’s not getting even basic cosmetics correct.

2.0.1 has introduced a regression where the icon now cannot be changed. And that’s on top of a bug where you go out of your way to “Gift Clear” to your friends and family and then you don’t get credit when they install Clear and click the “Claim Gift” link.

I don’t know how to say this diplomatically because I like you guys a lot and have spent a significant amount of money to support you guys, but the current state of the app is embarrassing and you guys should feel embarrassed.

We really want this new Clear to work out. Please keep your heads down, stay focused, and make Clear 2 worthy of the legacy of Clear 1. Thank you.

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I’m clear user just like you,

  1. Changing the icon works perfectly fine since version 2.0.
    If you keep changing the icon, it will stop working and that’s iOS bug and not clear bug, it happens also with Reddit and any other app that offers changing app icon.

  2. Gift clear works perfectly fine, I did complete sharing the app with 10 different people and fully unlocked “Gift Clear” Rewards. Screenshot


Hi. Thanks for your comments. I am happy for you, very happy for you in fact, that the gift clear feature works for you. But unfortunately, it does not for me. I got credit for three (early adopter, trendsetter and tastemaker), but did not get credit for two additional ones (backer, super fan). :slightly_frowning_face:

I get it especially with the migration disaster. (So dumb in hindsight we had all of you rounded up to test, but held back from testing that final crucial step beyond a much smaller group of sanity check testers. There’s some rationale why we did but we made the wrong decision obviously.)

I guess what I would say is, the array of smaller bugs… those I would expect us to have cleaned up over the next month or two. It’s not that we don’t don’t care about them, but I think in the end, we overly rushed to finally release this thing and it was very much triaging towards the end vs. a more relaxed ‘let’s polish this to a sheen’. (Felt a lot of mounting pressure having missed some initial target release timelines.) 2.0.1 / 2.0.2 are also definitely in triage mode focusing on migration fixes asap.

App icon switching, I’m hoping there is something we can improve on, however as @moinessn noted there is also an iOS bug with them that Apple hasn’t fixed in years contributing too.

Gifting there is definitely some bug to fix, not affecting everyone, but I know there was a situation where your ID could become unmoored. It’s pretty high on the bug fix priority list, just getting pushed down by the migration ones.


@phillryu I very much appreciate your quick response and your candor. In fact, I extra appreciate how you are incredibly responsive to everyone here. I have confidence that Clear 2 will improve quickly. I use (used?) Things too, at least between Clear 1 and Clear 2, and while it may not have any bugs that I’m affected by, Things is cold and clinical. Clear has always had a multisensory, magical shimmer, and that’s why I love it, use it and will be here continuing to support you, in the Shop! :pray:


We’ll do our best and hopefully as the year progresses most of you are very happy with the updates/progress made, especially compared to 1.x’s kind of semi permanent stasis.

I respect Things as well, have hung out with the team and they are great guys. They do a great job with like, “Reminders Pro” direction and aesthetic. But yes, very German hahah.

Clear has always been a very personal (or some call it opinionated) design. I’m glad to hear that heart and spirit shines through, if we as a studio have an aesthetic, that is it. Not pixel perfect but some real unfiltered human warmth to it :slight_smile:


One last thing!

Feature request: a theme for Solarized Dark? :innocent:


I’ll look into it, I keep thinking we should check out the most popular text editor themes out there for general inspiration too.



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