Invert hierarchy on list personalization?

So far I haven’t used the list personalization (changing themes etc based on which list it is) options much, but I’m starting to test it out now.

I have a couple issues with how it works, though:

  1. The “personalize by list” option is at the bottom, so for fonts where I’ve collected like it was a Pokémon game, I have to scroll quite a long way to get to it. This would of course also go for themes etc for those power users / addicts that have bought a lot of cosmetics.
  2. This one is more important: I typically want to set a specific combination of theme, font etc for a single list. To do this, I have to go to Fonts->Personalize by list->List A->choose font. Then repeat for theme: Themes->Personalize by list->List A->choose theme. Then repeat for quotes and sounds.

I might be the odd one out here, but it feels like I more often want to set all the cosmetics options for a specific list, than I want to set a single customization type for multiple lists.

So: is there a way to invert this? Maybe I can go straight from inside the list to its customization options, without bouncing out to the main menu and Customization? It would obviously have to work with the same minimalism and smooth interface of the rest of Clear, but I’m imagining something like a “peel down from the top right corner” (as if the list was a sticker I want to remove) gesture that could take you to customization. It would be simple onboarding as well, since you just need a little animation showing “hey you can pull at this to do something”. But I’m sure there’s about 100 different ways of doing this that are better than my off the cuff idea, here.


Yeah this is currently clunky when you’re approaching it more like personalizing a list at a time.

We did have it tied to individual lists in the beta (swiping list title right), but stuck it here for now as a kind of safe holding place, there’s some other possible actions in competition for that spot right now behind the scenes. Though when we eventually get to personalizable gestures, could add it as an option there.

We’ll likely explore it more when we get to the Vibes feature and section (loadouts), I could see that as the other possible more final home for it or having some overlap.


Alright, nice. Not saying the way it is now has to go away, but a way to do it per list and not per customization type would be nice. Directly from the list itself feels the smoothest to me, but it’d have to be accessible in a nice and Clear-esque way.