Will we ever be able to personalise individual lists?

I like the idea of having each list with different themes and fonts as it would personalise them, make it clear which one is which and also allow us to use more fonts and themes.


It was in some of the past builds of the beta version, then removed. I liked it too, I hope it will appear again soon.


Yeah I want to internally explore this a little more how/where we let you set these but we have a lot to unlock/gain by getting there with all our personalization options.

It’s mostly down to shipping the right design / UX for it rather than some kind of engineering lift or problems to solve. Hopefully relatively early, like say by 2.3 or 2.4 which we should be getting to by later spring or early summer.

(And worth noting widgets will be some starting taste since you can individually color theme them to start.)


It’s encouraging, and I like it.

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