Saved styles in Personalisation

I wanted to propose a new option in ‘Personalise’ - Styles

I often use certain themes with the combination of certain icons and certain fonts. I have to make those changes from a long list of options every time, but it’d be neat if I can save a custom style which would be a combination of all the selected theme/icon/font so I can quickly switch to them.

This could enable further customisation ideas for everyone with large collections of personalisation assets and make it easy to set them.


I didn’t think this would be an issue but after making several theme/icon/sound purchases, this would be awesome to have lol. It’s a PITA having to switch between different sets.


I think it will definitely be the next section added in Personalize. Have been referring to it internally as ‘Vibes’ or loadouts. (And we’re kind of holding back on a couple things like ‘night mode’ auto switching because I think it would better fit this section.)


Custom loadouts that you could independently assign to times, days, light/dark mode or location would be :ok_hand:

Night mode, day mode, work mode, weekend mode, Depeche Mode etc… :joy:


In the meantime, do you think placing “Features - Choose list to personalize” at the very top makes sense? Right now, I have to scroll down to the very bottom to get there.


Ahh I’m a little concerned about it being the first thing in the list for new people, “Per List Personalization” is kind of a lot to take in with limited/early context. But definitely recognize the growing issue there.

Kind of seems like we should let you just sort those sections around as you please at least (I think a non trivial project but one we should get to eventually), though it also seems many people aren’t immediately aware you can do that in most sections of the app.