Importing and displaying an agenda list of futures meeting from Apple Agenda

Why don’t import automatically an users choosen existing apple’s agenda and displaying it in a list form sorted by due date.
for example
wen. 28 apr. in 1 day : meeting henry for marketing planning (09:00-1h)
wen. 28 apr. in 1 day : investors zoom meeting (11:00-1h)
wen. 28 apr. in 1 day : Airplane (19:10-2h45)
sat. 29 apr. in 2 days : lunch with annie (12:00-2h)
sat. 29 apr. in 2 days : shopping time (14:00-4h)
mon. 1 may in 4 days: Larbour day.

or simplier

  • meeting henry for marketing planning (@ 9h)
  • investors zoom meeting (@ 11h)
  • AirPlane (@ 19:10)
  • Lunch with Annie (in 2 days @ 12:00)
  • shopping time (in 2 days @ 14:00)
  • Labour day/Free (in 4 days @ 9:00)

So I can look at my next week schedules in a glimpse directly in Clear.
We can imagine some sub-groups : this week ; next week;… for example
By default this week is deployed; not the others sub-groups.

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There’s some ideas here that we did explore earlier in the new Clear’s development. We had a scheduled list that would automatically sort your scheduled items and show all of them listed in order there. And indeed, it even had separators / heat map grouping for those kinds of upcoming ‘next week’, ‘next month’ periods etc.

It was useful! But I couldn’t shake the feeling that it felt a little strange for Clear, to have like an ‘automatic list’ amongst your normal ones. In some ways Clear’s design tends to go for ‘manual’ vs. ‘automatic’, and just trying to make manual feel really good.

We did also look into Reminders syncing and import but it was… not reliable at the time. Maybe things have changed since but we ran into some real issues there!

It’s not about syncing reminders, but displaying appointments imported from a designated calendar and display in a clear fashion’s list. The appointments are, in a way, “things to do,” and importing these datas to display it in a hierarchical list in chronological order would be useful. Of course, manipulating datas in clear (editing appointments) should be impossible because it would be too complex to export back to the iOS Calendar app impov. And not thé purpoise.
This list could be very short in it’s time frame and named « make my day » or « make my week ». Yes is not a Clear way of life inaway but a cool feature to add if it’s easy to code.