Calendar like List

as a poweruser of the first hour i am very happy about this opportunity :heart_eyes:

over the years i have developed an insane process to use clear as my daily calendar. a friend of mine is a programmer and he created me a perpetual calendar as a text file.

now its 2023 and I still copy paste lines from a textfile in my favourite todo app…

I dont want to overlaod clear with heavy calendar like features, just one predefined list.

would you enjoy a calendar like list too?

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Umm… First of all, congrats for having the patience to do that.


First of all, clear is somehow magical for me. Everything I write down happens.

From the practical side, it’s a supplementary calendar to prioritize my personal most important things.

:open_mouth: That is absolutely insane. You said it, not me, but I sure do agree.

It’s tangential but we are testing some form of social lists, think of it as ‘publishing a list’ in a very friction free way, so you instantly get a link to your list to send a friend etc. So there will be some opportunity for the community to share ‘template lists’, kind of like the list library we were messing with in the app with demo list examples to run with.

That would make it somewhat easier to share your calendar list idea with others here to try and test how useful it is for others.


great! how can i share my list with others, do I have to join the beta programm?

Yes, we hope to expand testing there with more TestFlight slots soonish. Have been distributing them in our weekly emails (

List sharing support will probably be rolled out over the next few TestFlight builds which we’ve been recently releasing weekly as well.

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That’s… a lot.

But it did jog my memory… the Add Reminder feature from the original app isn’t in the test build.

I didn’t use the feature a lot… but it has been pretty helpful at the right times.

I wouldn’t mind iOS Calendar :calendar: integration where you can go back and forth between Clear and Calendar.