iCloud not yet syncing between Mac and iOS

Notes are archived but icloud syncing is not yet occuring in archived notes or in the newer note sections. Also the pinch gesture is a bit awkward; sometimes it activates zoom. Might need to adjust the pinch sensitivity. But I might not use the app at all if iCloud doesn’t sync; that’s the whole point of the app; a Deal Breaker. That MUST be fixed.


Apologies on the regression on sync and especially lack of proper advance notice.

We will be looking into this, with some hope that we can tackle it sooner than we thought this time around if Apple now makes it much easier than the first time we implemented.

It’s for sure going to be the ongoing #1 request. But it is a big multi-part project so we want to make sure we can nail it and follow through with support this time around too.

If you do continue using it, I recommend trying the new ‘back button’ over pinch. It is really efficient.

Cool; how do I make that back button appear?

Like the app; it just needs Mac and iOS syncing.