Will there be a Mac version for new Clear? (or iPad, or Apple Watch?)

Posting this here anticipating a bunch of questions on this regarding new Clear. Unfortunately the answer is not at launch – our first goal is re-establishing Clear on iPhone with the new design, and as a tiny indie team we have to make some hard choices and pick our targets. But we do hope to eventually build back up to other platforms, sync etc. in the future.

If you’re affected by this decision please visit this thread for additional context.


Ah that is a huge shame.

I understand wanting to get it right on one platform first, but I just don’t personally feel that a phone is a good device for managing my productivity and tasks.

It might be a good device to tick things off from, or for things like a shopping list for example, but I like to manage my actual productivity on the devices I use the most and for me that is my Mac, I know i might be in the minority.

I look forward to trying the new Clear, but I likely won’t be using it as my daily driver until there is a Mac version or some form of sync.


I believe I’ve said as much in some older forums, but I’ll have to add it here again:

I will happily use this new version as a daily driver if it progresses in a good direction and once there’s a Mac version. Until then, sure, I may open it once in a while if there’s a beta test going on, as I always like to help devs to iron out the kinks on their projects.

Here’s the thing: it seems you have access to the old Clear codebase, and some of us actually bought Clear on both platforms. And Clear for Mac just so happens to be stuck as an Intel app, and Apple may (and likely will) can Rosetta at some point (sooner rather than later, at least going by their last transition from PowerPC to Intel, their recent deprecation of 32-bit support and non-Metal GPU support, etc.). Do you see where this is going?

As a gesture of goodwill towards Mac users, and much like you’ve been providing maintenance updates for iOS, could you at least recompile the Mac version as-is (or with minor fixes, but it still works, so they’re likely not even needed) for Apple Silicon, to ensure that we won’t find ourselves unable to sync our lists with our Macs? That way, us dual-platform users can wait patiently while you flesh out your new offering to new platforms (the iPad also comes to mind!) and still get to use Clear in some form.

I’d say that failing to do so and just leaving us in the dust is a surefire way of getting us to switch to an alternative, such as Things 3 or Apple’s own Reminders, for good. :man_shrugging:

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You may be in the minority, but you’re still an especially valuable user because you did repeat purchases. Leaving that money on the table and, worse, failing to support us, wouldn’t be a clever business move, IMHO.

Let’s hope the app at least becomes a Universal binary on the Mac, and soon. Aggressive as Apple has been lately in dropping old but perfectly serviceable machines and applications (I’m thinking of the great 32-bit purge, that all but killed gaming and Steam libraries on the Mac), macOS 14 may very well become their last OS to run on Intel and include Rosetta on Apple Silicon…

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We will look into this. If it doesn’t turn out to be a huge can of worms to handle the transition I agree we should do it.


Understood, it’s not that we don’t hope to get back on the Mac again someday, but just that we have to focus right now on a step at a time.

The original Mac version took much longer than the original iPhone app to design and develop because it’s innately more complicated! Macs are a power tool we love because we interact with them in all kinds of specific ways and it felt like Clear Mac should do that justice. (Mouse, keyboard, gestures, combos of all three.) But yeah, it was expensive.

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Fair, I will still give the app a try on my phone.

It’s just for me, when I am busy working, I don’t want to then pull out my phone to get to my todo list, the same phone I try and keep away from me when I am sitting down to do work.

I’ve never been a fan of a productivity tool being on my phone, a phone is a communication device and a portable device to access information on the go, a computer is for work and a productivity app is a work tool. It’s interesting to me that i’m in a minority for thinking like that, but good luck anyway.

I did like the iPad version of Clear as well, it kinda worked like a Kanban board, having the lists on the side there, so i could drag tasks into a ‘doing now’ list from an overall bigger list. Still interested if there is a way to make my workflow work with the new clear, shall follow with interest!


I’m surprised it’s only four percent! As one of that four, my iCloud sync stopped working several months back, and I have been in the market for a new product ever since. There is nothing as good as Clear out there, but syncing between my Mac and iPhone is critical in managing my productivity. I’m getting by with a subpar product that does sync. Just chiming in to let you know how much I really really want this to come back. Godspeed tiny indie team!


Hi, I don’t understand the problem with Clear 1 on iPhone and on Mac. I have the two apps and they work, iCloud sync works, I use it every day (iPhone 13 mini running iOS 16.5 and Mac mini M1 and MacBook Intel, both running macOS 13.4 Ventura (latest public beta).
The tasks are synced in two to three seconds.


Excited to be in the beta and feel like ironing out the iPhone version first makes sense.


Thank you! And yeah sorry we let you down there. It is surprisingly really tough and expensive last time we were working on it to execute well but we’re hoping if we can revive the core business with new Clear iPhone we can get there.

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Yeah I get it, when I’m at my Mac I like typing in things there too. I still feel less fluent typing on iPhone after all these years.

The benefit and why so many people use Clear mostly on their iPhone I guess is because ‘the best list is the one you always have on you’, kind of like iPhone cameras vs. dedicated camera usage. But we do want to get back there on Mac.


Thanks Phill, I understand. I agree. It’s just my phone isn’t always with me, so I have to get up and grab it when I am sat on my Mac, that is kinda why I love Trello, I can access it anywhere.

The thing I don’t like about Trello, is while I dump everything in there, it becomes overwhelming when I am in ‘doing’ mode, as I just need to see what I need to do that day.

Perhaps I can dump my tasks into Clear for that purpose or maybe one day there will be some form of integration that I can use to link the two.


I can relate to a lot of what many of you have written here above. Many of us are among the most dedicated and loyal users of Clear who have integrated these apps in their current forms into our daily lives and rely on them.

Here I share my thoughts about the current situation and transitioning to newer versions:

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This is what is keeping me from switching back to Clear from Apple’s reminders.

I miss the iCloud linking of iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

I really feel bad for people who are still using the Mac app and won’t be able to sync but I’d say they got their money’s worth over 10 years. Nothing lasts forever and the new app is fantastic and needs to be released so that there will be a new revenue stream for the developers.

An idea though - can you allow the new Clear to be downloaded from the Mac App Store? the M1 Macs support running iPhone apps. Is it possible for it to sync that way? Is the database stored in iCloud?

I just found out about new clear yesterday so I have not read through all of this forum. But there is No sense in making a version for intel Macs since that market is rapidly decreasing. But it can’t be that hard to make the iphone app work on Apple silicone Macs? I see No reason why you won’t do that?

Or is there no sync in the new clear between users and that’s the problem? That would be a bummer. Would love to be able to share an ongoing shopping list with family where every member can add items needed to buy and also mark or remove items bought…

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Hi Phil. I know we have exchanged emails about this before, but I wanted to add my voice to those who feel the Mac app is essential. First off, I am VERY happy you updated the legacy version so that it runs flawlessly now. Assuming the new OS and iOS do not disable that fact, I will stay on the legacy app until there is a Mac version for the new one. For those of us using this app for business, it is essential that we have it synced across our devices. I have my Mac lists open all the time at the top right corner of my 3rd monitor and have come to rely on it for organizing my work and projects. I cannot function without the Mac app.

Thanks for the club… desperately looking for your team to expand the clear app to Mac OS as well… really frustrating that I can only use it on iOS :frowning:

Any idea when we can expect this?

Clear is truly the most amazing app for the job it’s needed to do … thank you very much

Unfortunately it’s a tough call for us. More on that here: Will there be a Mac version for new Clear? (or iPad, or Apple Watch?)