I lost all the old version of the memo. Please give it back

I can’t run after updating CLEAR app and it’s forced to shut down. All of my important notes are inaccessible over a thousand. Just in case, I’m keeping the app to protect my local data, but… Please let me know how to solve this. Please. Give me a downgrade build or please… Please bring my list back to life in some way.

Please do not delete the old version of Clear. This is very important. With that in mind, can you install the new Clear (‎Clear Lists on the App Store)? It should migrate the lists. If you cannot find it, please check the archives section.

I’ve already updated it. I updated it to the latest version. I could see all the notes in the old version before the update. And of course, I could have edited it. After the update, only the black screen comes out and I hear a strange sound. And the app is forced to shut down. Migration is impossible.

I’ve already installed the 2.2 version that I linked to. But it’s not executed and it’s forced to shut down. What am I supposed to do now???

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