All Notes Eliminated!

I needed to reference a note in Clear last week, and surprise! The new Clear had replaced the old, and years worth of Notes had vanished. Nobody asked, nobody offered a way to save my data. Is it recoverable, somehow? iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB running iOS 17.2.1 Thanks

Hey Tommy, can you quickly check on the App Store Clear page if you are on the 2.0.1 update?

Also to sanity check: if you tap the bottom/center of your screen with the back arrow area, and navigate to “My Lists” in the 2.0.1, are they not there?

My Clear is 2.0.2.

The only items under My Lists are ten that I added after updating, and suggestions for various features and options from Clear. The fact that these are all missing. They were notes that I needed permanently and in perpetuity, and it is an absolute disaster to be without them.

In my search for items from the previous version I clicked on a link called “Complications,” where I unintentionally activated a seeming infinity of - what? Apps? All having to do with play. I have maintained Clear all these years because it was a crucial, simple, convenient tool to maintain important information in a safe place. The current developer seems to want to create a toybox.

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Do you have iCloud full device backups on? View and manage iCloud device backups - Apple Support

Or were you actively using Clear Mac and syncing to it before this release?

If yes to either of these questions, I think I at least have a possible rescue plan for your old lists. You can also reach out to me at over iMessage and I will try to help debug this.

Sorry about the flurry of unlocks, we rushed that in as a bandaid because people were howling about losing their 1.x themes in the update. (It unlocked a bunch of color themes, the classic Helvetica thin weight font, etc. as options.)