How do you move lists to the archive?

How do you move lists to the archive? Can’t quite figure out how to drag them there, or if there’s another gesture I’m missing.


To move a list into the Archive first select the list with one finger (you should be able to move it around now) and then while keeping your finger on the list tap at the bottom of the screen with a different finger or your thumb to go back a level, you should then be able to drop your list into the Archive

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Sorry it’s so buggy but it is possible right now if you really carefully follow Al’s instructions above.

Need to loop back and fix that at some point but we also have swipe left set up to archive in internal builds we’ll probably push out sooner, I think that’ll be the easiest way. (And can keep swiping past archive to get the delete list option still.)


I like the sound of that Phill :+1:t2:


I can’t for the life of me figure out how to archive a list (unless that’s not implemented yet!) :grinning: - any tips?

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