Testflight #2: Collectible Fonts & Loot Drops, NLP Reminders disabled for launch

I’ve been thinking about toning down on the emoji sprinkled throughout the app and pre-filled lists etc. It does feel like too much at this point! (And if anyone was wondering, we wouldn’t ship with that standard emoji check in the app level for “Clear” if going that route, it would match your current app icon.)

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Similar to others; the fonts were so big I thought I had messed it up with accessibility settings.

But! I’m so so so glad to see Clear showing signs of life.

I think I keep subconsciously inching up the font size in new Clear as a bigger font size person hoping people won’t notice but I get it, you all notice. I’ll tone it down the default next build :sweat_smile:

And yeah! Feels great to be back on this final push to get it out to the world.


I appreciate keeping the tap to go back instead of just dumping it for the swipe down. Having both options is good for those who prefer one or the other.

In fact I found that I was using both depending on the circumstance. Say, if I have a VERY long list I just tap to go back rather than having to scroll back a mile up the page to then swipe again. Also there are times when I’m working toward the top of a list where it makes more sense to swipe down to back out.

Best of both worlds! Good work. Keep it coming :grin:


Yeah we will probably make tap above home bar one of the personalizable gestures in a future TestFlight. Testing that feature (a set of personalizable gestures / actions to pair) internally and it feels like a good way to let users opt into some personally useful functions and interactions while still allowing us to keep the core simple and minimal, and continuing with a theme of personalization in the new Clear.

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all well!

First, thank you guys for the TestFlight invitation! And please don’t take my comments as assaulting you!

Unfortunately, I’m in a bit of shock. I mean, OK I was watching all the videos you and the users made, and the screenshots too, and I would think OK this is looking great! It seems like a nice reboot!

But when I got to use it today, though… Well I cannot say I’m happy. Don’t get me wrong, this is YOUR app and YOUR vision, you can do whatever you want with it. I just can’t see the new version as a good replacement for the old one. The old Clear was so much cleaner, more compact, AND visually pleasing.

My main issues are:

  • What’s with the padding? Too. Much. Padding. Everywhere. Why?

  • Even with the Tiny text, there’s so much wasted space! I am including a screenshot of the main lists. I find it rather unacceptable, and I’m using a Pro Max device. Can’t imagine how it would look on a SE or normal iPhone.

  • Emojis. Emojis everywhere. Guys, please chill. Kindergarten is calling, they want all their emojis back cause the kids are crying.

  • And I have to stick with my opinion that the exploding text really isn’t looking good in person. The magic of the original Clear was that it was so clean, so minimalistic and professional, it would get out of your way and it had one feature that separated it from the rest: the heatmap. That was the core characteristic. It conveyed at a glance what was important and what could wait in every list. Now it’s all looking so “busy”.

  • The pull-down-to-go-back gesture needs some work. It feels off, when compared with the old Clear. It’s as if the old Clear was scrolling 1:1 with your finger, but the new one as if the UI is “lagging” behind your finger. I cannot explain it well enough, but it feels off.

  • Both exploding text AND confettis? Really??


We’ll be looking into this today, the padding specifically feels like an accidental regression during this typography build and system redo/swap.

I got an invite a couple days ago to download the new Clear, so I did. My first reaction was space inflation – it only fit about half the items on my screen as the old one. I managed to set my font size down to the minimum, which made it more resemble the old version, but there is still a lot of white space at the top and bottom of each entry that wasn’t there before. Phone screens are already too small – it would be nice to be able to condense the display to fit more items on them, as the old Clear did.

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We actually did mess up! With too much row padding when we were redoing how the type in the app is rendered with this very latest TestFlight build. We should be issuing a fix in the next build.


I just issued a hot fix for the padding issues. I hope this resolves it reasonably for now!

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I just downloaded the update that supposedly fixes the “excessive vertical padding” problem, but I don’t see any reduction.


There’s probably some improvement, but we focused on medium font size especially this pass (and bringing down large/huge some too). Will take a look at the smaller font sizes coming up :+1:

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Yup, it’s still a bit big padding on the rows. They are still kind of too high and on some sections, font is still very big like on the attached screenshot:

If only the font could be smaller here and row a bit more dense.

But, the padding on the titles for each list is now looks better:

I think @Efthymis makes a lot of good points here.

Yesterday I happened to go back to Legacy Clear for the first time since adjusting to New Clear, and I was surprised to find how much snappier and cleaner the old Clear felt to me. I think New Clear has added some great and very useful new features (e.g. moving bulk items between lists), but the “feel” of the UI hasn’t quite made it over from Legacy Clear. Legacy is quick and responsive where New Clear feels a little laggy/clunky (maybe it’s just that the duration of animations are longer?)


That’s what made me worry when I tried the new version. I just cannot “feel it” like the old Clear. :frowning:

To be frank we haven’t ever done a final polish pass yet on animations and in general (though keep it reasonably polished as we go) and we’re reserving that for closer to launch. There are a lot of details we’re eyeing there to tone down or polish like pull to clear text explosion, stretching text elements and list opening animations etc. And there may be some optimizations to do.


Thank you for writing this post! I agree with a lot of what you have written based here above. Clear has so far been my favorite app on my iPhone, and I hope the new version will not be forced upon us if it does not meet the standards we have come to expect from the Clear app. My recommendation would be to keep the current version of Clear available in parallel with the new version until the new version can fully satisfy the existing users and their particular needs and requirements. I just posted a similar piece of text which also deals with the transition to the new version, which explains things which may or may not be of current relevance to you:

In any case, I wish each one of us will be able to continue to use the existing version of Clear as long as we need or want independent of the development of the new, very different, version!

Reading your post and the posts of some other people in these forums inspired me to create the following post:

Wouldn’t it be possible to just create a bunch of profiles in Settings? So far there is only the Silent Mode setting anyways:

  • Legacy Clear mode (replicates font, all padding, transitions, animations, etc.)
  • Minimalist mode (no transitions, no animations, no distractions, etc.)
  • Party mode (rainbows, explosions, confetti, huge padding, stretching & opening animations till you drop)

I’m a happy camper by the way now that I have my favourite font set to tiny (iA Writer Quattro) and a couple of Themes I adore.