Manually Drag Lists to Archive - Sometimes the gestures don't work

I know how the archive list function works. That took me a little while to figure out. In the mean time, I’d been dragging lists to the Archive list the same way you do when moving To Dos from list to list. That works most of the time, but sometimes rather than being able to use two hands to move from the Lists list to exit into the menu, rather than exiting the gesture turns into zoom in/out in the Lists view. It’s not consistent, and usually I just have to let go of both hands and try again.

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Are you using pinch to go back? If so I can see that needing some polish. In the meantime left swiping lists from the list of lists level is probably the easiest way to archive! (Or using drag with the back ‘button’ might be more reliable right now.)

I wasn’t using that gesture, rather the pull down near top of list to exit to previous screen. Pinch is more reliable.

Ah ok I could see how this might be triggering pinch when it shouldn’t.

We really should be simplifying down to one or two back gestures but… I feel like any single one we removed would cause some real howling from longterm people with muscle memory. Likely will be defaulting new users to one or two, and will see if we can fix this for launch.