How do you "archive" a list?

I don’t see any way to perform archiving. Can anyone assist? Thanks

When you are in the my lists view, half swipe your list left to archive. A full swipe left will delete the list. If you accidentally delete the list, you can shake to undo.

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I will note if you try to delete a list with stuff in it, it’ll also pop a confirmation dialogue to confirm before deleting. Not elegant, but we put that back in last minute until we can address that worst case (accidental list deletion, don’t know about shake to undo) better.

You can also drag and drop, e.g. pick up lists from My Lists, and drop them off in the Archive. Might be quicker if you’re archiving a bunch of lists at once, but swipe is probably best for most cases. It is situationally useful though if you want to say, archive some items from one list, and drop them into a list in the archive.

I am so appreciative for the quick response. Thanks so so much

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