How do I move items from one list to another?

I am not able to easily move items from one list to another. For example, I have to-do lists for each day of the week. I might have “go to bank” on my Monday list, and want to move it to my Tuesday list. That was easy to do on the old Clear, but I don’t see a way to do it on the new Clear.

Long press whichever item you want to move (you can select multiple by clicking on other items while still holding).

Press the ‘invisible’ back button at the bottom of the screen (centre) and select whichever list you want to move them to.


Aha! I see now. Thank you! :+1:


Gosh thank you and others for helping like this, I have been a bit overwhelmed lately!


Are these instructions valid for Android?

Holding down (long press) on an item and then tapping variously along the bottom of the screen does not work.

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The Android version is an unaffiliated knockoff so no one knows anything about it here.

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Today I learned. Seemed similar enough. Thanks!


Tell us more about it. Can you share a screen recording? I’m curious lol.