Holiday & Event Calendar

We’ll be trying to lean more into upcoming holidays and events with the shop, at least when inspiration for paired collectibles line up.

I have a few upcoming ones marked in my calendar, what other ones should we look out for in the upcoming few months? Let’s say through the end of June for now. Am very aware I have tons of blindspots in big swaths of pop culture.

Bonus points:
• Pop culture celebrates it in some way, so there is that level of awareness even if it’s a niche
• We have some collectibles that would already pair well with it
• It overlaps with Clear’s unique personality or fanbase in some way. Field Notes inspired collectibles’ spectacular sales is a good example.

(And if you have any ideas for fun collectibles to match for any of these that’s awesome too.)

Will update this list periodically, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of possible ‘pop culture events’ more than holidays probably:

3-31: Easter? more for the pastel/bunny/egg hunt side
4-1: April Fool’s?
4-8: Eclipse
4-8-14 Golf Masters
4-20: 420
4-22: Earth Day
5-4: Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you. Also 6-4 a new Star Wars show premieres)
5-11: Eurovision grand final
5-12: Mother’s Day
5-24: Furiosa (Mad Max movie)
6-14: Inside Out 2
6-16: Father’s Day
6-xx: Pride month
6-xx: WWDC
6-21: Elden Ring expansion pack
6-26: Tony Awards
7-26: Deadpool & Wolverine
7-26: Olympics start date


There really should be something during Pride Month; the heat map themes in particular would suit different flags—I personally snagged “Violet Delights” specifically for the bi colors/vibes. Also if you’re going to do Star Wars Day, need to have some Star Trek holidays! (Threshold Day, Happy Captain’s Day, First Contact Day…) Clear is in desperate need of Trekkie themes and fonts anyway.


+1 for the Pride month! :rainbow_flag: Bright colored and rainbow themes, as well as icons inspired by the various LGBT+ community flags, would be a great idea! :+1:t2:

Also in Europe, the biggest musical event of the year is the Eurovision Song Contest! 37 countries will participate this time, in the first and second semi-final on the 7th and 9th of May respectively, and in the Grand Final show which will take place on the 11th of May. (For people outside Europe who are interested, all 3 nights will also be broadcasted live worldwide through Eurovision’s official channel on YouTube).

I think that themes or icons inspired by the flags of all participating countries, would be a very nice idea! They could also be heart-shaped variations of the flags, as they are officially presented in the contest! 🩵


Maybe also some other icons or themes with the Eurovision logo or with some music patterns, like keynotes, microphones or loudspeakers! :musical_score::notes::musical_note::microphone::loud_sound: Even a sound pack with the official ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) intro music, would be interesting! :grin:


We got the eclipse coming up.


Oh yeah let me add that to the list.

Also is there a main Star Trek day to focus on between those?

@tigerheart712 that’s a very fun event… I have been kind of vaguely pushing off more country specific things with the idea that when we get to our localization push it will be great to launch each language with a fun shop day etc. Maybe we can at least reference it with a smaller set in some way, like more Europe + Music themed first time around.

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Indeed we do, actually have a little friend trip planned for it coming up and forgot about it for Clear context. Would be difficult to make a whole lineup for it but I’m sure people would be delighted by a surprise theme like your idea.

May 23, 2024 World Turtle Day would be a cool event

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Are you the “I like turtles” kid grown up?! :laughing: We’ll get to the turtles themes, don’t need a holiday to put them up! (Though is that actually like the main day in the year TMNT celebrates things? If so noted!)

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No rush, I simply wanted to inform that May 23rd is really World Turtles Day so that would be a good date for a TMNT event at the same time… the TMNT celebration day is more March 19 (they actually made it a national day lol)

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Ah ok, yeah I guess we better be extra prepared for when it comes around again. But will definitely try some initial themes sooner than later.

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Early 8th Month Back to School
10-31 Halloween
11-29 Black
12- 2 Cyber Monday/Week
12 -25 Christmas

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