Feedback thread: First Weekend Event

Hey all starting a thread here for feedback on our first experimental weekend event.

The event has been going well (we think) at least with strong shop sales and many of you picking up the freebies. I think based on this we will definitely be trying more in the future so I’m curious what you all think might be improvements to the experience we should consider for a ‘2.0 event’.

(Personally I’m excited for some event exclusive rewards, I think that will add to the entertainment. So we can have a freebie or two but also one or two to unlock by accomplishing some stuff with Clear during the period :slight_smile: )

I know some of you have already posted some ideas and feedback in other threads so feel free to link them here! I think they will preview your original posts. And planning to link this thread in the final event day’s shop tomorrow or Monday.


To be honest what I enjoyed most about this shop event was those Clear-inspired wallpapers. I liked them so much that now some gained a steady position as a Safari background. It’s like having Clear outside of the app, gives me a special feeling. And I would say it’s too good to keep for this once! Though technically they are not shop products, I hope to see more Clear goodies in some way in the future events, if not every time.:slight_smile:

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Yeah I’m really happy we teamed up with @BasicAppleGuy for the first one, and I think it points towards future collabs with other indie designers, illustrators and artists too. (One of the event prep things we got in was support for linking out to things like that in the shop.)

Will have to think about future wallpaper presence in the shop, linking nice sets when they pair with the day’s vibe sounds great. And yeah perhaps we should consider distributing some of the art made for graphic themes as optional wallpaper in some way.

Also had me digging up these old test phone cases we had made many years ago… (Shangri-La and Atlantis)

Back then when we were just starting to think about a daily theme shop and test it internally. It was just a single theme per day! But there were ideas to pair it with matching wallpaper, phone case you could order to match everything. Maybe we will test a merch drop someday.


+1 to merch drop!

Would love some of my favourite icons as coasters, mouse pads and stickers.

I use my phone case less so I’d miss out on phone cases but maybe gradient theme as watch bands would work great too.


The app icons as coasters thing works really well. Actually had a bunch made for our app icons:

And some stickers on my fridge:






This weekends event was brilliant fun. It made it so many young adopters (I’ve referred a few youngins to this amazing app - alas no $ :slight_smile: ) could get some new stuff. Very generous offerings by you and @basicappleguy. Thank you.


Good to hear!

Not at all worried we’ll be sabotaging shop sales by giving out some more nice freebies in future holidays and events like this. In general I feel like when we are generous to you all, you’re generous back. This is a great feedback loop!!


I did feel more compelled to buy stuff, but I dunno if it was a consequence of you being generous, or just that I really, really, really loved the collectibles you added for this event.

In any case, more events please, haha :smile:


That’s an excellent way of putting it!

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I wish there was a couple days where everything that was posted would be available one more time. There’s a bunch that I was debating about that I would buy in a second if they were re-posted.

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After the event is over? We did post the previous days lineups on Sunday for a finale! (They were category sections you can tap open like the bestseller ones near the bottom.)

Shoot. I didn’t see that. I really wanted the island icon.

Oh you mean literally everything so far? That would be kind of insane :smiley: The island icon does cycle back more than most, vacation/under the sea type days have consistently done well so far!