Limited Edition Collectibles are awesome!

Such a great idea and truly pieces of art!

For some reason they bring back memories of collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards.


Haha it was Pokémon cards for me but yeah! They’re fun, we’ll definitely have another for the next mailing.


Please how do I collect some of the fun theme and icons

As far as I know so far there are only two to attain.

#1 can be found on Twitter @useclear
#2 was part of one of their emails you can sign up for at

Did I miss how to get #4? #2 and #3 were sent out via the newsletters and #5 was just sent out earlier today via the WWDC thread.


Corrected the WWDC one to #4 as intended just now!


I was literally just coming on here to look for my missing collectible !

You forgot the third, which came in a newsletter.

I have number 1 and now 4 in my collection. But 2 and 3 are not. It’s strange, although I’m subscribed to the newsletter. :pensive:

  • #2 was from newsletter Update #1
  • #3 was from newsletter Update #2
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Can I get them somehow now?

I would also love to get them. I have signed up for the newsletter multiple times via the website and for some reason I dont receive anything. I’ve been on the beta for a long time and never got one newsletter and they are not in my Spam folder either.

As a hint: there are currently five collectibles to my knowledge.

First one you’ll find on Clear’s Twitter account. I would look for their tweets in May.

The second, third and fifth you can find in their Clear newsletters from the past. The past newsletters are also linked to in the most recent newsletter.

The fourth you can find in the WWDC thread in this very forum. Posted rather at the end.

I guess that that should be helpful enough without spoiling the fun :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your help, I found the missing artifacts in the collection. :upside_down_face:

Will the items unlocked in the beta get wiped out when the app moves out of TestFlight?


Great question…I was wondering this as well

These collectibles don’t unlock in the Beta. You save them to use once the official app is released.

Yep, understood. I was referring to the skins/themes that are being unlocked in the beta.

They will be yes, we’ve been sticking early adopter collectibles in current betas as random drops so we can actually test them in the app etc. but will yank ahead of final release, and then they will be officially unlockable during launch week via the QR code links.

Honestly as I type this out it’s more convoluted than it probably should be lol. Next time for Clear 3 we’ll make it simpler :sweat_smile: