Indent items within a list like we can with REMINDERS application

I know you guys have been working hard. Long time beta user here. Thanks for continuing to refresh beta over these years to keep new version alive.

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I can echo what Anthonyg said. Long time tester and EXTREMELY grateful you all have kept this app alive.

Indent would be a nice feature down the road for sure.

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How do you both feel about the new ‘caption’ feature? You can start an item with a space to make it smaller. (Or end an item with : to make it a subheader.)

And thank you! Honestly we are just as grateful we have a user base who cares so much for our app. That’s been very motivating.


YES!! I don’t know why I didn’t mention that as I use the space feature all the time as a sort of sub task feature.

I actually came across it quite awhile ago by accident. I hit the space key instead of a letter and everything got smaller. I loved it but couldn’t figure out how I’d done it until I realized the first letter of the word was missing haha!

I didn’t know about the : option and that’s VERY cool as well. Thanks for the heads up!

I think these two tricks cover the indent idea pretty well. At least for me! Perhaps an actual indent could work sometime down the road. It’s not a must for me.

Thank You for bringing light to those hidden tricks.
I hope I am not missing anymore tricks like that.

Just to add
I created a keyboard shortcut to add “ → “ when i type “ pp”

For those that do not know there is a hidden bullet point icon when holding down the hyphen button on keyboard.

Hey there. Long time Clear user. First-time poster. I just started testing the new app yesterday and am so excited it’s back.

I apologize if I’m missing something obvious, but is it possible to please add these tips (caption and subheader) to the “Getting Started” list? I think it would be helpful to have. I saw how different lists in the List Catalog were organized and was searching everywhere in the app to see how it was done.

Thanks for all your team’s hard work! :clap: