Typography as loot?

After a week with the latest beta, I don’t feel much joy in receiving a font option as an unlock. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it just isn’t very exciting compared to a new theme or app icon. And I think that makes sense — a font isn’t something a user really plays around with. In other apps that have typography options, I usually find one I like and stick with it. So it isn’t something I need to be changing like an app icon or color palette. Yes typography is personal and feels great to have options [at the start], but once I have my option I like, I’m not going to change it. Typography as personalization is like handwriting—it’s great to be able to find your style, but you don’t really change it up all that much…it more evolves over time. Another example is I don’t need a different typography at day time or night time like many apps do for themes, but I do need different typography options for sidebar menus vs text editors or rich text vs markdown, for example. So just wanted to relay that I’d rather be unlocking something more useful day to day, and unlocking new fonts isn’t that exciting so I’d rather just have all the typography options available at the start, pick my favorite, and continue on from there.


Yeah I can see that. There are a good amount of kind of wackier/more niche fonts that I think still make sense as loot but overall, I would guess fonts will be something like 15% or less of dropped loot at launch with all the other stuff on the way.

I think individual list personalization will also make fonts more interesting. Like I have my Zelda to do list right now set to a fan Zelda font :slight_smile:


Just from my viewpoint, if I find a font I like I’m highly unlikely to go looking for more. I am extremely likely to find motivation looking for new themes and icons, however. “Wacky” or “niche” fonts don’t hold an interest for many. I just want to be able to read the lists.


I like the font idea! I love themes the most because I love colors but I think having a whole bunch of fonts to play with is much different than the 2 or 3 most apps give options for. Plus CLEAR is a different kind of app than most todo’s. Messing around with it is more like playing a game than doing serious work and when the serious work needs to be done it’s spot on for that as well.

If, as mentioned, we will be able to use different fonts for different lists then I can see actually using multiple different fonts for sure. The ability to swap fonts AND themes per list would be pretty cool.


Update that unlocking womprat and hylia were both very exciting and super fun to play with. Womprat + Launch Party theme :ok_hand:

Also, just love everything the team has been doing. Coming from someone who has been using the beta for…[almost 6 years] a while now, these updates are so, so good. :100: you all are the Nintendo!


That’s the best update I could’ve hoped for! Feels like as long as we keep the curation good (and if anything sharpen it vs. the current collection) and then have individual list personalization, sharing etc. come into play, there is some real fun to be had.

Lol Jesus almost 6 years. Yeah, thank you for sticking with it. It was a very weird development timeline but we have a strong foundation and a lot of pent up and properly slept on/digested ideas to build this summer.

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As a Typography major and teacher (and specialist, my entire PhD is on typography), I concur. I will also add that typeface choices can be extremely important from a usability standpoint, with some users – namely dyslexic and visually impaired people – potentially benefiting a lot from having choice from the get-go. Depriving them of that is not a good move, IMHO.

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Yup. I always end up using either SF rounded or sans serif. But let’s leave it for the people who love changing fonts too.

Font/typography is a relative blindspot of ours as designers, certainly not our strengths, so I’m curious what you’re thinking.

Most of the fonts in the loot pool are meant to be ‘fun’ unlocks and it wasn’t really on my radar there might be more functional fonts for specific people. Is there a popular font you might recommend for dyslexic users? And are the options for big/huge font size a way to help visually impaired?

I will say it’s probably worth noting out of the gate, the default unlocks provide more font/size options than the old Clear ever did. We also do support iOS accessibility font scaling in the new Clear though the scaling with that might require some tuning.

We are planning some other mechanisms besides the random loot pools for unlocks so thinking about that some too. The main thing we want to avoid is just dumping every single cosmetic option into your lists unlocked immediately – there is real fun to be had in collecting them, and we really are going to have a kind of overwhelming amount of fun content in there that needs to be trickled out in some way. (Probably over 200+ cosmetics for launch.)

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I really like the font idea! What I would prefer though is from a UX perspective is knowing straight away what I’ve unlocked because sometimes I think it’s something else and then I find out it’s another font.

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We’re sketching out some ideas there.


These are cool!

I deffo think a tag is the right way to go and maybe either go with custom icons for each unlock type or text only which might encourage that sense of discovery - “I’ve unlocked a new icon, I wonder what it looks like” etc ?