Font request: iA Writer Quattro

This was one of the best fonts in the beta, will it be possible to get it as a reward unlock or shop purchase? Thanks!


I second this, possibly my favorite of the fonts.

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+1 as both new fonts looks very squashed horizontally.


Would be an instant purchase (because having iA Writer installed does not unlock the font in Clear).

Also praying for JetBrainsMono showing up in the Shop.

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Yeah another great one, this was essentially my font rotation throughout the beta

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Has anyone unlocked this while using the app? I did unlock Cartridge (another favorite of mine), so just curious. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not yet… so far I have 21 of 85 fonts collected.

We’ll get this out in next week’s build - week of Jan 22nd.

This is also my favorite.


I installed iA Writer but the font has not unlocked in latest Clear 2 version.

Didn’t work for me either, so we’ll have to wait for it to show up in the Shop this week…

Tomorrow is the day for iA Writer Quattro fans. (Unless we messed something up in the IAP/shop setup.)


All went well, it’s available for free…

Thanks so much for making it available as a font to use inside Clear!


Thank you very much! just grabbed it in the shop!

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Thank you!

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