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I know most of you probably don’t use twitter, so I’ll repost relevant highlights from there in this thread.

Today I posted a demo video of font personalizations coming to new Clear. We plan to send this out as the next TestFlight beta with a little more polish:


This will be a big hit, I’m sure. I know I love it.

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Collectible fonts are going to be fun. Just don’t check off and clear “Comic Sans” 3 times unless you want to be haunted by that font in your collection forever. (Not in internal builds yet but when we get to secret unlocks…)

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I need to start a new list: “Things not to do in new Clear”

I’m making things too easy. I won’t share my idea on how Papyrus gets unlocked.

Will our previously earned fonts carry over or will new Clear be starting from scratch? (They didn’t all move to the Beta for me.)

We haven’t had collectible fonts yet in Clear (old version or new beta). Still testing this internally, you’ll get the feature in the next TestFlight build.

We WILL be resetting your current themes collected for that build, so you can all help test the new loot drop mechanic. However we’re leaning towards not resetting progress on release day for beta testers so hopefully it would be just this one time.

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Whoops. I was mixing up themes and fonts. My bad. But you still answered my question! That’s too bad but I totally get it. Well worth new Clear :wink:

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I’m hoping there will be a Night Owl theme again, that’s my favorite from Legacy Clear. I don’t even recall how I unlocked it (probably using the app in the middle of the night, if I had to guess :smile:)

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It’s a popular one. I’m sure we’ll be including some new take on it. (And we’re hoping to have a set of legacy themes for customers upgrading too, that feature the old school black completed area and such to make the overnight transition to the new design more cozy.)


Here’s hoping the legacy themes will also include Teaser: Black, which has no because color gradation. Gradation makes the sub-lists much harder to read when you have several lines.

We actually put that one in as a teaser of some of the non-heat mapped themes in New Clear, so I think you’ll enjoy collecting those styles.

This is awesome news! I spent so much time tracking these down back in the day. Between those and the ones you get for having other apps installed. :slight_smile:

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Going big on that side! I think the next TestFlight will include our new ‘loot drop’ system for collecting.


Can we add a Catppuccin theme?

I like the pastel colors!