iA Writer・Font request

It would be totally awesome if you could add the font type that iA Writer makes available for free from their highly praised writing app.

They provide them at GitHub:

I think this page is proof that it is a piece of art:

The only request they make is:

If you fork or use our fonts, please reference iA Writer clearly.


Very cool, I wonder if we can even reach out to them and make it a secret unlock for having it installed :slight_smile: I admire that app’s design.


Getting this font in along with a batch of other community suggested ideas in today, for next TestFlight build!


:eyes: did this make it in?

Yes iA Writer Quattro is currently in the beta, it’s such a joy to use this font!

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Oh snap! Does it come unlocked if you have the iA Writer app installed? Or do you have to unlock it as loot?

I don’t have iA Writer, I just unlocked it as loot. @phillryu would know if you can unlock it by having iA Writer installed

Having iA Writer installed does not unlock it unfortunately. Waiting for it to show up in the Shop.