Gift Clear issue. I cannot apply a newly earned font called BAKER

I can’t use my Gift Clear just earned by sharing CLEAR with others.

I have collected a type of text formatting called BAKER by sharing CLEAR but doesn’t appear available in the list of my fonts.
I cannot apply the new font even if it is goal that appears to have been achieved by me.
I apologise for mistake I don’t speak English very well

Do you think the font was Baskerville? We don’t have one called Baker but Baskerville does contain all of its letters!

I think they mean they unlocked Backer, the fourth one, and are looking for whatever font that is.

Ahhhh yes.

@Nina20 the font is called Chicago FLF. It is the retro font used on old iPods etc. If you do not see it in your font collection, you may have to swipe to claim it in the Gift Clear list. (Check it off.)

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You are right
Great. Case solved ! :+1:
Thank you very much

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