Export lists to new phone

Is there a process to easily transfer/export all of my list from my old iPhone phone to my new iPhone. They did not come across with the app.

They should have copied over when you did an iCloud restore

In case you want to do this manually, run clearx://export-data on your old phone from safari. It will export a file. Airdrop this to your new phone or a mac.

After installing Clear on the new machine (this is needed only if you did not upgrade your old phone. If you upgraded, Clear should have been copied over as part of the upgrade process), airdrop the file back and open it. IOS will prompt you to open it with Clear and the data will be imported over.

Hope that helps.

Thanks so much. That solved my problem. It should have come across from my old phone but strangely it didn’t.
Appreciate your help.
Many thanks