Backup without iCloud

What is the best way to backup my data at this time? My phone is on its last leg and I’m afraid I could lose my lists before iCloud is implemented.

Are you on the beta or the original version of Clear?

If original I would first make sure you backup your entire device via iCloud. Your lists should be included there.

Then to be extra safe, you could try the email lists option… it’s not really meant for this, but shake for the option and could email yourself copies of your important lists as a second backup.

I guess if you can hold on a few more weeks, the new version will update over your current. There, instead of emailing yourself copies you could use the screenshot to share feature, that offers a plain text export option.

I’m on the beta version

This is an internal development feature but you could try using this link:


Save the document file it generates into Files app or something, and then it should open in the beta on new phone. I believe it will only carry over your list data. (No rewards/collectibles.)

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