Add iCloud sync?

It is possible to add iCloud sync? I would hate to lose all my lists if I switch phones. I would happily pay!


Curious as well, what happens when I replace my phone? Will my lists be gone?

They’re still working on a (daily) iCloud backup feature… But if you switch phones, just make a full backup of your old iPhone and restore it on the new one. Afterwards, all your apps and data will be there, including Clear and your lists. :+1:

In the meantime, you can also open this special link on your iPhone to export your Clear lists:

If you select “Airdrop” you can even import your lists directly into Clear on another device. :smile:


Near tip, Thank You!!!

Is there a special url to import the list?

If you export to Files or Dropbox etc., the file will be called “Exported.clearuserdata”.
From there you can open the file (on another device) and share it to Clear.
You probably have to tap “more” in the share sheet to find the Clear app. :face_with_monocle:


This is the right way for now until we can get the sync feature out.


Is there also a “right way” for a single list?

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Unfortunately there is no way for a single list.

You can do an export of a single list via the screenshot method. This will give you the data in txt format but you cannot import them back.

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