Upgraded iPhone - lost beta app and lists

I upgraded to iPhone 15 while I had the new beta on my 14. The app didn’t transfer to the new phone and I’ve lost all of my lists. I’m about to send the 14 in for the trade in but I’m holding off trying to get my lists transferred somehow. I can’t figure out how to send/share the lists (not sure if this would even work) - it seems my only option is to manually re-enter every list, line by line. Any ideas?

I also feel like I haven’t been able to access most of the new features so I don’t know if I’m just missing a potentially simple solution. Thanks for any help.

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Hey so the first thing I would quickly try is installing TestFlight, and grabbing the beta in that on your new phone. Does it open with your lists? (If the data carried over in your device transfer behind the scenes.)

If that does not work, you can use this link on the 14 and save it to Files somewhere. Then open it on your new phone via the beta: clearx://export-data

The Test Flight option didn’t work but the downloading files on the 14 did. Thank you so much - absolutely saved the day!

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Whew! Glad to hear. We will try to get some simple automatic iCloud backup/restore system into the app in earlier updates.