Unable to claim free shop items


I live in Germany and I can‘t claim free items in the shop. If I buy something for money everything works fine. But when I try to claim a free item the app tells me that my payment method has been rejected. I have PayPal and Apple Pay as payment methods.

Any advice?

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Hey, so unfortunately I don’t have a workaround or clear answer yet for you on this one :sweat: It’s still a mysterious issue to us, it’s not wide scale but it is definitely affecting some of you all.

If you post in this thread, we are keeping track there and hoping we can figure out some more specific pattern or clues: Error processing free purchases - #5 by phillryu

I understand. Until today it wasn‘t a big problem for me. But with the current items in the shop it‘s really unfortunate. Glad to hear that I‘m not the only one. Thank you for the answer and keep up the good work!

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