Early adopter collectibles package

How can I get this update!

Any way you can include some handwriting fonts? Grape nuts was the best. Tao quote pack?

Ah sorry, it got a little delayed, should be out next week though for sure. Testing some fixes for migration issues with some people over the weekend, and if that looks good, we will include these fixes in the 2.0.1.


Thanks @phillryu! Literally came here today because I haven’t been able to add any of the Limited Edition Collectible themes that were sent via email during the beta testing period.

Yeah we will just unlock them all + others more simply in this update (pick it up in Personalize after update). Just doing final wrap up on it now for submission.

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Will helvética be included in the update?


It’s included, I just updated.

Thank you for this update!! I’m still missing the Legacy Sound I lost when I tested uninstalling and reinstalling Clear 2 :sob:

Just to clarify, do you have one called “Dopamine+”? I believe that is the legacy sound name now.

I don’t think Dopamine+ is the legacy sound because when I first got the Clear 2 update I got a distinct Legacy Sound as a gift for updating from Old Clear (I lost it because I deleted the app to test if all the goodies were linked to my account, they were not…) Here’s a screenshot of when I first updated

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Oh, this is news to me, it’s been so long since I used the first Clear that I’ve probably forgotten what it sounded like, I’d love to have it too!

Accidentally deleted the app and unfortunately, with no sync, everything in this early adapter set. With this new update it looks like the early adapter collectibles are gone. Is there any way to get a link to get these back?

Mostly yes. We unlock the Oz ones by default now. A bunch of them should unlock over time from the rare loot pool, and you can unlock a bunch of the rest with the original unlock URLs I think:

Thank you so much!! Was really missing Bondi Blue!!!

Loving the new update btw!! Feels so much more polished

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