"Early Adopter" bug?

I figured out how to get the Early Adopter by going to the webpage and tapping on claim gift. When it went back to the app, it did unlock the piano sound shown, but also displayed unlocking a bunch of other items that didn’t actually unlock. This feels like a bug, I’m not sure if the issue is that it displayed a bunch of unlocks it shouldn’t have, or that it should have unlocked those things and didn’t.

I tried that as well. Same here, but no piano.

Did that as well, but nothing was unlocked. Im an old user, I migrated to the new app today and lost all the themes and stuffed I had unlocked on the previous version.

I got the Piano, but did also see a few other random unlocks pop up and thought I was crazy, lol.

I wasn’t able to unlock the early adopter despite passing the share link via iMessage to a coworker. He installed it so I’m not sure what else is supposed to trigger the unlock