Do NOT delete your app if it crashes and other migration updates

I also lost my entire list and am stuck when opening the app on a blue screen with no action possible

I reset my iphone, and restored the whole iphone using an icloud backup, following the instructions from apple on how to do so.

Well this is realy sad. So many people lost their lists because of update???! :frowning:

Why did you pushed out update guys if you were not sure everything is as it should be? You had an amazing app and now if I dont get my lists back, I am afraid that I will have to delete it.

Please help us

We have progressed much on solving quite a few of these issues. Hang on tight and DO NOT delete the app.

I just checked out the email list for the diagnostic build and somehow we missed yours. I’ll add you to the next round.

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Anything about a fix for total loss of all lists which took years to compile?

We have a second TestFlight build (and possible 2.0.1 submission) we’re preparing today. I don’t want to be too prematurely hopeful and sanity check the build with some testers but it has a couple meaningful hopeful fixes:

• Should fix a crash on launch that has to do with lists with tons of items in them
• (Though there is a secondary group with a crash this build does not fix but will log better)
• We found a ‘legacy data’ store that the import process was not picking up on. This build will also import this data if it exists and merge it.

If you are someone who started using Clear 2012-2014, it’s possible the legacy data thing is relevant… if there was something there, we think it’s still there for the new Clear 2.0.1 to pick up on and merge into your lists. So do not delete the app.

If these fixes are working for some testers, will try to submit 2.0.1 to go live this weekend. I don’t think this will address it for everyone but… we’re hopeful it could help many or maybe most of you.


Cherian, Thanks for showing that you guys are doing your best to get us all our old lists back. Long time user of the app. My lists also disappeared and they are not in archive after the auto update. Please add me to your list so when you find a solution, you can share. Thanks

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As you mentioned, I am one of the users who started using it from 2012 to 2014. I only use one list and have never cleared completed items. So there are probably thousands of items stacked in a list. It’s consistent with what you described.
Hope to receive a second test version for this situation soon
Thank you for your efficient work


We are close. Added you. Get back soon.

Tracked. Get back soon.

We have this second TestFlight build ready. It’s pretty late here so I am going to start reaching out to a handful of people tomorrow morning to begin sanity checking the fixes it includes. We’re all hopeful but also aware there’s still ambiguity/complexity involved so fingers crossed. At the very least we are confident it will fix the ‘crash on launch’ blue screen bug a bunch of you have been seeing.

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I don’t have a crash on launch, I just have the new app, and everything is gone from my old lists that I have been relying on to reference things for years now.

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Do you have iCloud device backups turned on? If so contact me and let me get you this TestFlight to try.

Yes I have icloud backups on. Will email you, thanks.

New Version TestFlight - Working! Thank You so much! :slight_smile:


Hi there, like many others in this thread, my Clear lists have disappeared, I’m left with prompts to create a list, plan my day or check out Clear.

The app automatically updated after I shut my phone off for a couple of hours during a gig, and my lists are gone.

Can you give me an update on your progress to reinstall all of our lists please?

Thank you,


Hey Linsey, if you back out from that list (try tapping the semicircle near bottom/center of screen) are you able to find your lists?

If yes, great. (And I can see how this is confusing and will see what we can tweak there.)

If not, I do have a TestFlight build that could help with a couple fixes we are currently testing with others. Let me know.

Yes, the testflight worked to restore my old lists. THANK YOU so much!


So good to hear that.

This latest TestFlight isn’t a magic bullet but it looks like the fixes included in it will be able to help many, if not most of you out.

It is fixing at least the most prevalent crash on launch (though there is another crash we need to figure out) + in at least four cases so far, restoring Clear 1.x lists for people who had lost them in the migration. (Several of them noted Clear 2 had previously imported in some ancient lists, but this TestFlight properly pulled in their latest.)

We will be trying to ship it out to everyone early this coming week, then move onto any remaining theories/cases.

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Hi Phil,

When I tap the semicircle I get a page with My Lists but when I tap that, it’s just the list as described in the photo attached.
I’d appreciate your help restoring my old version of the app, I had many bits of information on those lists!
Thank you,