Copy text version of list

I love the feature where if I screenshot, there’s a text version of the list to select to copy. However, for smaller lists, this option is blocked by the back button (see image). Only when I go back to the main menu would it actually be available to press.

(Honestly I’m surprised a back button was a new feature in Clear instead of edge swipe support, but nonetheless it would be great to fix this up!)


If there was a way to disable that button, i would do it.

I never use it since pinch-to-close is far superior and i often misclick it when trying to select a thought at the bottom of the list.

FWIW, I use the back button bar all the time. One finger tap is far faster and superior than having to two do two finger pinch.


We will try to fix this in the 2.1! Quite sloppy on our part, apologies.

@modigliani I do recommend giving back button a shot. The idea is your thumb already knows to reach there to exit apps, and this is slipstreaming behind it. It lacks the ‘flourish’ of pinch to exit, but the efficiency is hard to let go of once you’ve gotten used to it.