Screenshot to copy text doesn’t register on smaller iPhones

Screenshot shows my image (from system) in the lower right, a presumable “text version” in the lower middle, and another image in the lower right. I have 2 feedback:

  1. Tapping the lower middle doesn’t do anything, and I’ve confirmed the clipboard is still blank. Tapping on Clear’s own screenshot in the lower right DOES present Share options, so like my previous bug re: “swipe further”, I believe the lower-middle is calculated based upon a fixed resolution value & not percentage. BTW, my iPhone SE 2022 is sized 750x1334.
  2. There’s no explanation about the system’s image & Clear’s own image (whether Clear’s is dynamically-sized to the list).

Thanks for the report, 1. sounds like a straight up bug, will add it to the list here. (And yeah we can probably onboard this feature better.)

I’m having the same problem. This is an awesome feature - I often send my lists to my husband or mom by text and I would use it all the time if I could!

I have an iPhone 14 Pro for reference.

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Yep this is high on our bug fix list. We should be able to fix this in the upcoming 2.1.

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