Clear performance optimization beta (for older devices with many lists)

We have a test build up here on TestFlight and are specifically seeking out some testers who have been experiencing sluggishness with Clear 2.x on older devices with larger data sets.

This build optimizes Clear’s data sanitization so it no longer should cause scaling delays after any action that writes to your data. (Even sorting an item for instance, could result in a delay afterwards.)

If you’ve been experiencing these performance issues please first use this link to save out a backup of your Clear 2 lists (to Files app):

And then install TestFlight app and signup for the beta + update to it here: Join the Clear Lists beta - TestFlight - Apple

Then let me know if it improves your experience, and of course please report back if you encounter any issues!


The Shop disappeared in TestFlight. I haven’t been in Clear much today to report back about sluggishness yet though.

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Thank you, should be fixed now.

Sorry, but no, it’s not fixed. :confused: Still no Shop I. TestFlight

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I’m seeing the proper message here today at least, that it’s disabled for beta. (We kind of have to because all purchases are free in TestFlights.) Maybe that wasn’t made clear for testers?

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Oh, yes, that makes sense. It may have been noted somewhere and I missed it. Sorry about that!

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No worries! We could probably make it more clear.