Clear 2.0 Latest TF Build - Very Slow

Hello, I’ve been using Clear for a number of years now, first from the App Store, then after there were issues, I reached out and was told to use the TF Build and was invited to that.

Over the past few months, I noticed it sometimes takes a very long time to enter a Task. I type on the apple keyboard and the characters i’m typing take a few seconds to populate after I’ve typed them in. There’s is quite a delay. I use primarily (1) List, where I have maybe 30+ tasks and 100s of completed tasks.

Could the slowdown be due to all the completed tasks? Or is there a different issue here?

NOTE: I’m using an iPhone 15 with the latest version of iOS.

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Thanks for posting here. Curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue in various shades.

100s of completed tasks could be at play, we haven’t done serious performance optimization yet for super long lists. Do you notice the same delay on a fresh list?

Thanks for your response, Phill! Just tried with an empty list, and there is no lag or slowdown. It just happens with the main List where I have 100s of completed tasks.

Ok got it. Yeah for now I would consider clearing away some of those completed items as a workaround but we will definitely be doing a performance pass around this ahead of launch, this kind of lag really cuts the point of Clear.

I tried to scroll all the way down to clear all the completed tasks at once, but upon getting there, the App Crashes. I tried this a few times

Update: I deleted a number of my completed tasks, then the rest all at once, and all works fine now!

Semi-related, Clear is taking up 401.8 MB in my phone’s storage (making it my second-largest app behind Gmail), but I see the app itself in TF is only 165.5 MB. I would usually just reinstall to get rid of the excess, but I worry that without iCloud it’ll wipe all my lists. Is there anything in the plans to prevent the background clutter?

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I’ve had the same problem as “rty3” with the storage of my beta Clear. It is currently at 731.9 MB. The beta storage size has increased daily over the last several months. My legacy Clear is still at 32.6 after over 10 years of use. I’ve added very little content to beta Clear since I’ve been using it. The obvious question is when and how will the storage revert back to something like the size of my legacy Clear?


We’ve been leaving it off for near the end but I believe the growing file size is the iCloud backup system where we had last left it, it needs to properly forget and dump old daily backups. (Something like maybe it caps at the last few days + a few older weekly backups, or something like that.) We’ll be prioritizing this stuff in the next TF build or two.

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