Clear for Apple Watch TestFlight

After a little bit, the Lists, Themes and fonts repopulated. So at least that’s nice. I am however missing


Bummed about having to redo the rewards, I had most of them besides the timed ones done and I had quite a lot of icons too. Oh well, I learned my lesson, never delete the app and I think I’m not gonna do anymore testflights. Hope my issue helps someone not make the same mistake.

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Are we going to see watch complication icons on the store ?

For anyone wishing to stop using the betas (or likewise wanting to use the betas) read below before jumping in:

I’m only mentioning this because it seems to happen often enough. First thing, do not delete the current version of CLEAR that’s installed on your device.

Just go to the App Store and install the App Store release and leave the TestFlight version alone or vice versa if you want to use TestFlight betas.

DO NOT DELETE THE APP ON YOUR PHONE (TestFlight or App Store version). To be clear, do not delete any version of clear!

Sorry for the all caps but not deleting any version of the app is very important less you lose all of your app data.

You can go back and forth between the App Store release and the TestFlight release simply by installing your preferred version over your current version.

This won’t create two apps on your phone. One simply installs over the other.

Go to the shop and scroll to the bottom and hit restore purchases. Be sure you are using the App Store release build for this or some of your latest purchases may not appear.

Do not delete the TestFlight app (or the App Store version) off your phone. Just download one overtop of the other.

I know it’s simple for now, but in the future I second the empty list quotes.


Would be cool to have a theme to match the TestFlight beta icon :slight_smile:

I just sent out an updated TestFlight beta. The shiniest thing in it is it now supports color themes and matches to your Clear on phone:

There are some major changes in how the Watch app communicates with iPhone app now, we think it may be more reliable overall but please report any issues.

After updating please make sure in the Watch app on phone that it has updated/installed the updated Watch app. I had a window where it was still running the old version on my phone and it took a bit of extra time to also load the latest Watch app.

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Could we please have an edit function as I misspelled a new reminder and couldn’t edit it on the watch.
Also I would love to be able to schedule a reminder.
Works well otherwise on my Ultra first gen.

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We’re thinking about editing. I just want to be careful about adding more functions! Worried about overloading the tiny Watch screen or rushing out interactions we want to change later. Realistically there might be a ‘Watch app 2.0’ in the future.

Right now for this ‘2.0’ I am imagining the following for editing:

• Tap an item and it pops up an option to edit item or add a new one
• This would also enable tap/hold to sort/drag items

Reminders I would have to think on / explore more, but assuming Apple has a date/time picker and such we can use it could probably be folded in.

But for now with the initial release planned, we mainly want to make sure the watch/phone (and widget) syncing experience feels robust to you all testing. Or you know, at the least as robust as other watch apps and widgets :stuck_out_tongue:

Will probably keep this in TestFlight for another couple weeks or so before we wrap it up for shipping, for anyone testing please share some reports on how it’s held up with some time with it!


Thanks understandable
For now no crashes and working perfectly

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Worked perfectly for me as well.

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logically this is daft, but liking the watch app a lot, and still thinking of going back to the non beta. I miss the shop, even if I don’t buy anything. so another couple of weeks is a long time. not sure.

working great for me though, no complaints or comments.

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That’s cool! (Should be fine reverting to App Store version, just do not uninstall! Update from App Store over the beta.)

Good to hear @Aussiebob @reinham!

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Hey @phillryu,
Mate I wanted to let you know, very impressed with the syncing of the Apple Watch app to the iPhone app. Running on Ultra 2. I use it every day and love it. I have a bit of an odd request; I’m also using Clear on iPad, and I’m manually keeping the iPhone and iPad apps synced up. Unfortunately I’m missing the Grape Nuts font on my iPad, and have not seen it pop in the daily store yet (I’ve been checking for weeks). Is there a way you could push that font to me or to the store so that I can add it to the iPad app?


I will look into scheduling a ‘font day’ next week. Look for it Tuesday if so. Great to hear on the Watch experience so far.


Working great for me. I’m very happy with this version and look forward to seeing what you do with it next.

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Logged into the Store all excited for Grape Nuts font today… Alas, no ‘font day’ :frowning:
Does this mean no font day @phillryu , or just a delay?

Check again I just added it for you.

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I am LOVING having clear on my watch!!! I have had zero issues as well!!

Also, thanks for adding grape nuts today, been waiting to snatch it up! :purple_heart: