Clear 2.2.3 (fixes & polish, now out!)

Uh-huh, a wild $ hasn’t appeared yet.

Any ETA on the below? :pray:

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We’re pretty focused right now on more core/universal stuff, I think we will generally be returning to some fun collectible stuff after this big push.


Is “tag” the date / time reminder or is there some other tagging system?

Also: for those of us who overconfidently erase our tutorial, it would be a good list in the list library.


Yeah those are the ones, and yeah hmm probably does mislead a bit with their naming.

This is the updated starting list. I’m sure there’s a lot we can do still to improve the initial onboarding experience though, going to continue iterating there!

Any update on a return to Mac? I can’t upgrade my macbook because I will lose my old Clear install! LOL. I will give you a million dollars to get clear back on the Mac. OK, just kidding, but I wish I could!


Experiments are underway. Hope to have more to share and some kind of a testing period later this summer.


great to learn… Clear on Mac was the big reason why I purchased Clear back in the days… that way I had my lists everywhere and was a really pleasing experience to use on Mac… can’t wait for the new version and count me in for testing it once beta is ready.


To manage expectations, the experiment is a simple syncing web client to start… But it should scratch the basic itch of a way to access your lists on Mac and type from there etc. (And could open up some other interesting options too, like logging in from a PC and such.)


Honestly I’m really excited by the idea of a web app, even more than a dedicated Mac app—being able to access from any device (even like a public computer) sounds super handy.


Hey I updated Clear and left the Beta based on this message, then saw the watch app (which I’ve been using a lot) had vanished from my watch. I then came back and read further and saw your follow on message about the delay… very very frustrating.

Any word on when the watch app will be available?


Sorry about this, we are keeping up the Watch TestFlight beta here: Clear for Apple Watch TestFlight

We’re trying to figure out the timeline, this is turning into a big update that I think we will probably release in some phases or parts through the summer. Watch after some other big pieces first though.