Clear 2.1.4 is out (reminder snooze behavior fixes, new graphic themes for shop)

2.1.4 is now out on the App Store.

Smaller update:
• Fixed snooze reminder push options (tap and hold push reminder to access) to schedule X time from when you snooze vs original scheduled time
• Next Day option will schedule original scheduled time, next day
• Some graphic themes for shop

For our next update we will roll out graphic themes more officially and if internal development goes well, might also enable some natural language functionality in Clear. (E.g. tappable links / addresses / emails support in lists.)

Here’s some of the new graphic themes included in this update that will cycle through the shop this week:


Space doggy :heart_eyes:

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Field (Notes) book!


Bondi somehow broke even more. Now it looks like this on top levels haha

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Batman approves that

Oops! I think we must’ve corrected the theme definition file but forgot to update the graphic itself or something… will try to fix for real for next update!

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still no SF Pro Rounded Black font and it’s been used in new themes mockups :unamused: :unamused:

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