Clear 2.1.3 is out now!

Appreciate the update and hard work — absolutely loving the new Clear!

Was just wondering if the “Claim Gift” issue still needs time — just curious whether I’ll need to hijack a bunch of family members’ phones at a gathering this weekend, or if I can continue to put it off for the time being. :joy:

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Update: agree overall, will fix snooze behavior to schedule 5 minutes after you hit snooze etc. Next day will schedule to the same time next day.


Good to hear!

Hmm you were having issues before? And have you just been running new Clear on a single device?

Can you post your link here? I’ll charge my mini and do a fresh install there and try claiming it.

Woohoo, nice featuring from App Store this week!


Congratulations! :clap:t2::tada:

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I think an App Store feature was what made me download it all those years ago. Hopefully will bring a lot of new users

Btw I know this is not a 2.1.3 feature, but the per list personalization has helped me to embrace some of the less traditional fonts that I wouldn’t have, since I can set the font size larger to make them more legible and keep the smaller font size for normal fonts


Congrats! :partying_face:

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That’s good to hear, I think eventual ‘loadouts’ should help there too. Thinking about doing some font-size equalization pass at some point too… it might be kind of required for personalized fonts in widgets etc!


That’s amazing, nice to see recognition again!

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How is everyone setting reminders.
After task I type in natural time , 5am and it is not recognizing that natural time input for reminder.

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This was changed to swiping past checking off! Sorry about the confusion.

Could it be possible to enable it in its simplest form as an additional option over the swiping in maybe just English (as other languages were getting messy to support alll)?

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Thanks for advising. I would love to be able to customize the swipes. Short swipe left for reminder. Short swipe right to mark complete. Long swipe right to delete.
We have customizable alert tones for reminders ?

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The sound packs do have support for skinning alert tones, but I will say most of them haven’t replaced it yet. I think we will layer that on later! And I do think personalizable gestures are a possibility in the future.

Honestly even English was messy to support/polish up :laughing: Natural language parsing has some potential to return in the future though… with less pressure on it. (Like maybe it recognizes date/time and tapping it auto enters / pops the reminder sheet)

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Yea something like that I feel would help.
Currently have to type, swipe keyboard away, then swipe again to add reminder. Would rather less effort.
Would love maybe some shortcuts ontop off keyboard for reminder features.

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Did a quick test in 2.1.4.
08:03 Set reminder for 08:05
08:04 Updated app
08:05 Notification
08:09 Snooze 5 minutes
08:14 Notification
08:15 Snooze one day
Showed reminder set for 08:14 tomorrow, as expected.

Works perfectly for me, thanks! :+1:


Perfect. Appreciate you all here helping figure out the right behavior and design for this one.