App completlely Black/Unresponsive/White Noise

Hi. I recently updated my Clear app and now when I open it it’s a completly black screen with an audio playing that sounds like an ocean with kids playon off in the distance. Strangest experience with any App ever. I’ve had Clear for years and never had a single issue. But now I have years of lists that are effectively stuck in the ether with no apparent way to retrieve? Tried hard restarts several times and nothing. Not sure what to do as I know I can’t delete it along with all the data. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hey can you imessage me at

We unfortunately don’t have this narrowed down specifically enough to squish, but every sign points towards the new Clear choking on very large data sets on older/slower devices.

I can at least try to help you with some workarounds or options. Let me know if you had been using iCloud sync in 1.x, and also if you happen to have a newer iOS device such as an iPad.