Can't exit list via swipe down gesture

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Swiping down past the add item row fails to exit a list.

Sometimes the “add item” row will vanish while swiping but app does not back out - upon release the list snaps back to fill the screen.

Usually the add item row remains (stretching to fill almost half the screen) and, upon release, the usual add item behaviour continues.

Using an original iPhone X on iOS v16.7.2

Hm. I don’t experience this - once i’ve swiped about 40% of my screen down, it pops into the previous menu. What type size/font do you use? I use tiny so the animation for the “add new item” stretching is very minimal, I wonder if larger font sizes extend it or something

I’m on tiny font size.

That’s as far as I can stretch before physically running out of screen space.