Swiping down on clear for my iPhone is almost impossible

swiping down on clear for my iPhone is almost impossible, need to try at least 5 times each time until swiping down works, why don’t you make this easier? eg clicking a box, or showing a place to swipe etc.

Do you have a screen protector on your phone? Swiping down should be extremely easy in Clear. I think you can swipe from almost anywhere on the screen; there’s no sweet spot.

To clarify we’re talking about swipe up (while you’re scrolled to the bottom of your list with checked off things) to clear?

Is it possible you’re swiping close to the iOS ‘home bar’ thing (that you use to exit apps) and it’s taking over?

Yes, I’m having the same problem. If I swipe just a bit too low it creates a new entry. A tiny bit too high and it just goes back to my lock screen. I never had this problem on the existing version.

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MattP, glad I’m not the only one experiencing this problem. I find the app almost impossible to use, because of these swipe malfunctions. I have no idea whether that’s a problem only with my system constellation, or whether the app is ok on different iPhone models than mine. To one of the comments - no, I don’t use a screen cover/film Gerhard

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no, I don’t use a screen protector. I don’t know if this problem exists for all types of iPhone, or if this only occurs on my particular constellation (iPhone14ProMax)

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Are you talking about scrolling down a long list? That works fine for me in the beta (iPhone 14 pro). Or are you talking about swiping down to do some other action?

when I am in a list, and I want to go back to a higher level, its almost impossible for me to get to a higher level by swiping- most of the times I get either into editing mode, or I get thd Apple iOS control/panel overlay, in the iOS system modr

I’m talking about getting from a list to a higher level, I found this almost impossible-

I pull from 25 percent from the top of the display and it always works for me.

which model? mine is iPhone14ProMax and does not work for me- am I doing something wrong?

I’m quite confused, is this on the new Clear beta? And if so are you saying you swipe down past the top of your list from higher up on your screen and it exits the app entirely? Did the app crash?

No problem on an iPhone 11

no problem on iPhone 11
have you tested on an iPhone14ProMax??

no the app does not crash, but does not react in any way. Once I go a level down to a list, I have no way to return back up into the higher level. So the app just does not work at all. someone lower down writes that the app works on iPhone11. Maybe. But I have an iPhone14ProMax, and the app does not work for me on my iPhone14 ProMax.

Sadly, no…

Just for the record.

Mine is a iPhone 14 pro running the clear beta. Hold down about 2” from the top of the display and just pull-down and it will take you back to the previous screen.

Yes. If I swipe down from too high a point it goes to my lock screen. But then if I press the home button on my phone it returns to the Clear app. It’s not made any easier because I use an iPhone SE with a fairly small screen.

Works fine on my end… iPhone 14 Pro.

You’re swiping from too high. It needs to be from around 20 percent down from the top of the screen.