How do you decide What goes to Clear

So as much as I love Clear and its design but being minimalistic task manager sometime is not good enough so I use TickTick. I always have bit hard time defining what goes in Clear. I have tried to keep it to task that not matter much or which are micro level and too small to put in my TickTick Calendar.

How do you guys manage multiple task manager?

Edit: So people thinks I am asking what they use, but what I meant is whatever you use how do you decide what goes in Clear and what goes in other places.

For the folks who use Clear for everything, great to know but Sorry this information would not help much!


I use Clear for everything. Can’t get any quicker or more minimal than Clear. Best system I’ve ever had.

I do use Todoist for collaborative lists with my gf. Hopefully Clear offers that one day so I can delete.

EDIT: Okay I lied I actually use Apple Reminders too for recurring reminders, which I also hope to be able to move here one day.


I’ll be watching this thread, always interesting to hear what people resort using other apps for along with Clear because it doesn’t support something.

Clear for almost everything!

I also use Calca when my “thoughts” involves math!

A simple math engine would be awesome inside Clear!


I use Structured for two things:

  • tasks that repeat frequently (e.g. pet’s daily medicine). Clear wouldn’t work for this because it would basically be like checking it off and then immediately unchecking it again for the next day
  • tasks where I need the historical data on when it was last completed (e.g. change HVAC filter)

And Habit Tracker is for things where they repeat but are more of a weekly/monthly goal. Example: gym 4x a week. I don’t care which days of the week I go as long as the total is 4. So then it’s also important to be able to track how many times I have gone so far this week


For me the beauty of Clear, is its simplicity. I don’t need social media integration. I don’t need Calendar integration. I’ve learned some workarounds for Clears “limitations” to make it work for me. I’ve spent way too much money on other list/todo apps only to find out they are more concerned with trying to replace every other app on my phone. I use the Publix app for groceries, that’s an app Clear can’t and shouldn’t try to replace. I use Reminders for recurring reminders and sometimes just drop something on my Calendar for a one-off reminder. My Clear lists consist of various shopping lists, to do lists, packing lists, even lists for holiday decor. The only thing Clear doesn’t do for me that I really want is sync to my iPad. (I know I know, beat that :skull: :racehorse:)


Just found this topic so here it goes:

I use Bring for my groceries since it allows shared list, this way me and my girlfriend can add things as soon as we notices are missing at the house.

I use Apple reminders for repeated tasks , that is daily , weekly or monthly.


Same, I join some of the above words. I use Clear paired with a standard reminder application. For a general shopping list with your girlfriend, as well as for regular tasks with repetitions, weekly, monthly, quarterly. But I don’t care much about it, Clear is still my everything.


I am increasingly using Clear for a lot of ‘ideas dumps’ for different work, creative and other projects which I didn’t think I would. It’s just more fun to use it compared to Things, etc.

For lists and info that I need to access from my wrist, I still use Tot (for notes and list) and iOS reminders as I can access them on the AW Ultra. Works great on the large screen, I wish Clear let me read lists on the watch it’d be perfect!

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Would love to get to recurring items sooner than later! I think that one will feel like one of those ‘finally’ things for Clear. (Probably non scheduled ones, like simpler repeating tasks that regenerate after clearing them to start.) I have some ideas there we just need to internally wireframe and feel it out.


thats basically me.

Clear - one off tasks or lists. i have a list for Work but i only use it for one off things and not things i need to check back and see when i did it. I have a list for personal for things that i need to remember to do, plus two lists for work which are Golf and Football, as i take hotel guests to both.

Apple Calendar. anything with a date on it.
Apple reminders only now for log in/out reminder at work. as i can set it up for a recurring reminder every week day at 0905 and 1700.
Outlook - work appointments.
Bring- shopping, mainly for it having every item already plus apple watch integration

For me, things mainly go into Clear if they need sorting into an order. The ability to reorder items by dragging and dropping them was what first drew me to Clear, and it’s never got old, or been bettered (I’m looking at you, Microsoft To Do. An awful experience by comparison). Anything that needs to be in order of priority, preference, importance etc etc goes in Clear as an ideas dump, then gets dragged into shape. Don’t get me wrong, some lists are just short ideas dumps and don’t have a logical way of ordering them but they’re generally in the minority. Longer form notes go in Notes. Anything date-based goes in the Calendar app. I almost never use Reminders.

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I use Clear for all my task making demands… I used to be a Reminders user (especially because of location based reminders) but Clear 2 is just more fun to use and feels less like a chore while doing chores. lol

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