Ability to move tasks between lists on iPhone

It is wonderful to learn that the Clear App is relaunching, I find it very valuable.

One huge help for me would be if I could transfer items from one list to another on my iPhone. This feature is available on my iPad, but as the iCloud synchronisation has not been working for some time, I can’t make use of it on my phone.

To have the ability to shuffle tasks between lists on my iPhone would be very advantageous to me. For example, it would allow me to move tasks from a master list into my task lists headed: Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday etc. At the moment, I am forced to cut and paste such tasks, which is slow and frustrating.

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This is coming in the new Clear!! Finally :slight_smile:


Excellent news, this will make much a difference. Thank you!

I saw this feature in a list. I wasn’t quite sure how to mix the gestures and ended up deleting the task.

I think there’s some UI clarity needed here.

I tend to agree it could be easier. In place of reminders to swipe right to pick a new list instead would be sweet.