Option to gift Themes to friends + family?

Have been using this app for a decade and LOVE the new update!!
I introduced it to some family members and they love the app too :smiley:
I realised however that because they are in another country, the conversion rate is higher so the cost for shop items are actually quite expensive for them.
I was wondering if there could possibly be a feauture to purchase and gift other users themes etc. in the future?


I would love to implement this! Though I wonder if it’s doable without accounts and such. Will keep this in the back of my mind… could imagine something like you get a little private link with each purchase that is usable once to unlock another copy by your friend etc. Very very interesting, though definitely something to ponder on a bit!

Super happy to hear on you loving the update :smiley:

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I’ve been thinking about this some more. How many of you here would use this feature if each purchase came with a one time redemption gift link to share? Curious on the level of interest in the forums.

I feel like this is a very interesting way to add value to each shop purchase, and of course could help the app spread in a fun way. So it’s definitely fun after sleeping on it :smiley:


I think this is a great idea and something I would definitely use to help spread the Clear love :wink: I really like the idea of sharing themes, icons etc on a ‘saw this and thought of you’-type basis.