A slight lag perhaps?

Just a little niggle but has anyone noticed this? In Personalise when I select Themes or Typography there is a very slight pause before opening the enclosed information, but when I open App Icons the delay is a bit longer, it seems almost hesitant.
I have tried removing and reinstalling the app but it stays the same. Is it me, or can anyone else notice this slight lag?
This is with the latest beta but I first noticed it in the previous one :thinking:


I have noticed this as well, it’s new to this build, and is most noticeable when opening App Icons.

I’m glad it’s not just me, I was concerned it was an issue with my aging iPhone X. At least there is a chance it can be fixed then although it has survived 2 beta versions so far - I noticed it in 4 as well as 5

Well as of the icon build the icon screen/theme screen is drawing a lot more content on screen (the high res icons scaled). I do notice a very tiny delay on my latest generation phone but I could see that being more of an issue on older devices. There is probably low hanging optimization we could look into, in general we are looking to do a performance pass in the future.

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Can you please mention the TF build number?

8011 on my end. I think it’s just a busier screen now.

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Also 8011 here :slightly_smiling_face: the latest TestFlight version I can access

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