Themes bug with number of themes

Almost don’t want to report this one because it cracks me up every time I see it

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Things have gotten a tad messy behind the scenes as we’ve moved some rewards around, renamed some etc. and I am guessing this is a symptom.

Will fix or honestly might just cut it for release! There’s still some design considerations there, like if we keep ‘of Y collected’ do shop items count not count etc. and we can always hit this up later.

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The latest beta fixed the numbering for themes but I have 45/44 icons. Very proud of myself

Any chance the icon count fixes itself after you sort one? Sounds bizarre but let me know.

No, it does not and this is 20 characters long

Got it. Tim here has a theory, if you have the Vibes app icon unlocked it might account for the miscount. Should be fixed for launch.

Huh, weirdly I don’t have the Vibes icon

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