Strange screen colours

Seemed to be left with some funny colours after playing with adding and completing tasks. Screen shot below so you can see :blush:

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Were you very rapidly doing things? I got a couple other reports on this, just hadn’t run into it myself!

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That’s exactly what I was cooking to report, and yes, I was rapidly checking off items, then rapidly pulling to clear. Trying to crash it but got this exact randomness.


Yes, swiping and moving around in short succession.

Swiping / finishing more than one item at the same time can end up as seen in the screenshots.

Trying to reproduce this here. Do you mean using multitouch to check off multiple rows at once? Or some other specific method?

Ok, not quite able to make this happen on my device yet. Were you seeing it every time doing it that way, or still every once in a while?

Nothing fancy - I just added a load of tasks and then swiped to complete and then pull to clear. Keep repeating and I think you should see the effect

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Trying to reproduce tonight - and I can’t get it to happen either !!

I can recreate it pretty consistently.

Build 8006 - iPhone 11

Try finishing all items in the Getting Started list and accordingly swipe up to clear. It’ll work (fail) almost every time.

I’m on an older iPhone SE 2020 by the way.

I’m not sure if this has been posted already - When clearing a list sometimes these artefacts are left over. Almost like there is still text

Thanks for reporting this. Moving to a common list