Widget Interaction

Currently the widget allows us to pick list and set theme and option to add one more row it seems.

When selecting an item within widget, it opens up clear and really doesn’t have the IOS 17 interactive experience. I would love option to have items crossed off from list within widget and have option to show completed items in widget or not. Maybe also allow for font size options so we can really customize the amount of items shown.

A billing app that I use allows you to check off in widget but when you open application, it confirms that is accurate and that you didn’t do by accident before it syncs with application. That would also be amazing.

Larger widget would also be appreciated on where we might be able to display more than one list and even have arrows on bottom to switch to another page or scroll down to another page.

Would love to see widgets take a step up and continue to grow.

Also displaying name of list ontop of widget some might enjoy but that would take away from realestate on how many items can be displayed.


You can cross items off your list within the widget by tapping in the left margin. :+1:

Unfortunately there are no other sizes available to developers than the three Clear is offering. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I requested this as well… For now I just put the name of the list as the first item in all caps. :smile:


I think @MarkBredius summed it up largely. I hope you enjoy the interactive side! It is hidden but once you know it, I feel nice that you don’t always have a row of checkboxes etc. permanently taking up that space.

Title option definitely seems like a recurring request and we’ll be keeping tabs on that for future widget passes. But yeah we do actually have a surprising number of items on our wishlists for widgets and future updates there, various ideas for new useful widget types and some polish upgrades, eventual font personalization support etc.